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's the most popular excuse you use? we've got the answer straight ahead. i didn't have my coffee this morning, that's why i stumbled through that that's my excuse. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> good morning, this is gavini. you are watching my "fox & friends," baby. >> my favorite hairstylist she did mine this morning. >> gorge. our makeup staff and hair staff are a ray of sunshine. >> we stumble in blurried eyed. >> speaking of everybody being blurried eyed. i could hear our crew out in the hallway. they said today is going to be a great day. >> the other guy said why is that? >> because there is expresso and all kinds of alcoholic thanksgiving drinks that are going to be passed around later. >> that's what we need on had this show. >> splurge segment. >> national expresso day. so tucker, anna and myself are going to try to be actual baristas this morning. >> i can barely sit still. the latest on the deback test called obamacare. >> we have a couple of delays to get through this morning. first delay up this year is to pick a plan you now have an extra 8 days this year. that's a good c
to a rocky start. james rosen is live for us in washington with the very latest. veins? >> tucker, handna, and clayton, good morning. you know, it's only in these pre-dawn post thanksgiving hours we feel safe here on fox news in quoting neil young, it wasn't supposed to go down this way. the much balihooed relaunch not official relaunch of outage from 8 last night to 8 this morning. that's seven hours longer than the usual daily outage time. the services for medicaid and medicare services the division of health and human services department that administered the web site announced the extended deadline a few hours before mid night without any explanation or how serious setback it represents for the long troubled online portal participation in president obama's signature law. administrators do boast some improvements since problems when the web site first materialized in a big way. to wit the after launch time 8 seconds now down to 1 second. pages are said to be loading incorrectly 1% of the time. more visual cues have been added for smoother navigation of the overall site. m
a minute, mr. president, you are backing us into a corner with this. if you remember back in 2008 when people were really upset with the way things were going and started voting with their wallets, similar to what's going on with this, what did they do? they went into the voting booth and it had ripple effects across the country. >> you've got about a dozen or so incumbents in the senate who voted for obama care and many are not only backing away from it, they're demanding that people like can keep their insurance. the problem is implementation. the president says we didn't implement it right. no, the problem is the bill itself in that it requires healthy people and young people to subsidize people who are unhealthy. that's the basic problem with it. and if we're going to crunch the numbers later in the show, because some of the people that have signed up, it's ridiculous, the number of people who have signed up in north carolina. the young people, though, are not signing up at all right now. it's the older folks who are signing up. maybe they're hoping the young people are procrastina
are really the star of the show. you manage to get us here awake and alive this morning. i don't know how did you it. >> there you go. that's not a loser stage manager. >> look who is here this morning. juliet huddy. >> i forget how much paperwork there is. >> oh there is a lot of paperwork. >> there is a lot to know at 6:00 a.m. >> if you were watching yesterday or sleeping, brand new video this morning, showing the moment that complete chaos at the international los angeles international airport. killing a tsa agent and wounding six others. watch this video. >> on the floor. on the floor now. at this hour the suspect' is in custody. we are learning a lot about him, including a motive. >> will carr is in los angeles with the latest on the story. what you can tell us? bring us up to date. >> good morning, guys. overnight we learned a lot more about the man who was shot and killed yesterday morning. police say that 39-year-old hernandez was shot inside of lax. he was a tsa agent and father of two. at the same time we are learning more about the gunman. he still alive. the fbi says 23-year-old
, executive privilege. and obama done that to us a number of times. we know they lied to us, lied to the american people. this bill that we passed today, of course, the president comes out the day before, tries to reelement that with some fiat or executive order, whatever. this is all about the american people and them having no insurance and a gap and then if something horrendous happens to him then that is a plane crash. >> at the heart of this is the question is whether government can do a large program like this and provide health care for everyone. >> have you ever been to a dmv? how long is that line. >> my wife was on the phone with the irs 102 minutes waiting for an answer. these are the people running your healthcare program by the way. making the point this could be the first step towards the collapse of this new form of liberalism listen. >> unless it is somehow rescued and they make it work. this will be a story of an epic collapse of the central element of a new kind of liberalism. and this ideology will go down with the policy. that's why liberals are so afraid of th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5